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Refinancing home loan also reviewing other loans?

The interest rates are very low. It is therefore the ideal time to consider refinancing. But what if you have other loans in addition to your Tristan loan? Can you also review it together with the refinancing? Can you regroup these loans or loans? Or are you stuck with various loans?


Nothing bad in itself

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That you have other loans in addition to a home loan is not a problem in itself. Hundreds of thousands of Belgians have done the same. That does not mean that it would be simpler and clearer if all your credits could be repaid via one monthly payment. The question is whether that is possible.


Regrouping credits? Definitely worth investigating

A number of lenders on the Belgian market do indeed give you the option to also review your other loans if you refinance your home loan. Then one speaks of the regrouping of credits. This is indeed one of the countless reasons why a refinancing of your home loan can be interesting. You optimize your monthly payment. An independent credit broker such as Auxifina works with specialized lenders and can view this for you.


All in one, lower monthly payment

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This way we can ensure that all your loans are refinanced in the same housing loan. Although there are special conditions attached to this and it depends on the bank. But it gives you some great benefits:

  • You only pay 1 monthly charge.
  • Your new monthly payment is lower than the sum of your previous monthly installments combined.
  • You have a clear view of your monthly budget.
  • You spread your credit burden over a longer duration.

If it is not possible to regroup everything into one home loan with one monthly installment, then two advances will be used within one credit agreement. This way you get one mortgage loan with 2 monthly installments. You can choose the duration and the interest rate (variable or fixed) per advance

We are of course not going to ice this night. It goes without saying that we first calculate how much you can borrow and adjust your new home loan to your current and future needs. That way you can be sure that you get a credit solution that matches your expectations and your repayment capacity.


And what about your housing bonus?

And what about your housing bonus?

The tax regime of the Flemish housing bonus has changed several times in recent years. Your housing taxation depends on when you took out your original mortgage loan. That way you will still be able to continue to enjoy the housing bonus. Our specialists know everything about it and will also explain it to you in detail.


Do not wait any longer. Make an appointment!

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Make an appointment with your Tristan office right away . Our specialists go over your wishes and needs and propose a customized solution. This way you are cheaper and you know exactly where you stand every month!